Friday, January 5, 2007

"The" Donald vs. Rosie

Well .... I have tried and tried, but I can no longer hold my tongue on this one. "The" Donald (what a ridiculous "title", by the way) ranting on Rosie's looks is like shit calling puke "stinky". Give me a break! That being said .... I absolutely cannot stand either of them.

Like Joan Rivers, Rosie has made a career of being mean to people. If it weren't for insults, she'd have NOTHING. She has no talent and no appeal. Not that I was a big fan of The View before, but I think that a huge mistake was made by adding Rosie. She is a caustic entity. Wasn't there something or other in the past about Rosie and child abuse? Maybe I'm not remembering correctly.

And Donald ... ALL he has going for him is his money. Period. Does he REALLY think that his beautiful young wife is with him because of his wit, charm, and looks? Yeah ... and it'll be snowing in Miami tonight. The hair ... the beady eyes ... the puckered lips. He looks as if he has a stick shoved so far up his ass that he can't relax. Do you think he even has a Tshirt or a pair of sweats? I'd wager to say "no".
I'm not going to waste much time, thought, or effort into the feud. In fact, I can't even really believe I blogged about it. At any rate ... who gives a shit about these two and who "wins"? Certainly not I.


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yorlor said...

holy shit.
you just asked if the mother of four children has a history of child abuse?
RWS, please do your homework.
Rosie has done countless things for charity [google her, she doesn't have a web page, her charity does] and children [not to mention homos]. yeah, so she likes to make noise. lots of people like to make noise. and she may drive you nuts, but please, do your homework.
BTW: who did the painting on your profile? i like it.