Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Handbook - Part II

OK, gang! Today, we have Lesson II - "A Dozen Things You Have Time to do on Your 'Free' Time During the Shift". I think that we should do this in the same fashion as David Letterman's Top 10 List. So, without further adieu ....

12. List the first item on your shopping list.

11. Open a can of soda.

10. Dial the first digits of your home phone number to see how your kids are doing.

9. Plan the first 30 seconds of your day off.

8. Sneeze once.

7. Put lipstick on your upper lip.

6. Exhale.

5. Read the first two words of the newspaper headlines.

4. Put one quarter into the vending machine.

3. Bend your knees in an effort to sit.

2. Get a spoonful of yougurt halfway to your mouth.

And the #1 thing you'll have time to do during your free time ...


Do any of you have other things you can do during your "free time"? I seem to remember one time that I actually made it into the bathroom and was able to lock the door. Then my SpectraLink phone rang and I had to abort the mission at hand. Is it any wonder that nurses and teachers have the largest and least toned bladders around? Or that the same two groups seem to get more UTIs than anyone else? I, for one, am not surprised in the least! Now let me hear some of your ideas of how to spend all that free time!


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John said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Awesome- Not funny about the UTI's but dang we hold it until we no longer even have the urge to go anyome- I just wear depends and wheneve--I just let er rip--Practicing for the upcoming years ya know!

Great Post!!!